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If you were invited to register for a "private" workshop please follow the instructions provided in your invitation. Please review the TST Candidate Guidelines before registering for a Workshop.

Thank you for your interest in becoming certified to perform and read Tuberculin Skin Tests (TST).


The State of Michigan recommends certification for healthcare providers who want to administer a tuberculin skin test. For more information please visit this page: Why should I become certified in TST?

Candidates for the TST Workshop are healthcare professionals who have experience with injections, universal precautions, sterile technique, and are responsible for assessing the risk of TB in their facility. Healthcare credentials that can be certified for TST include MD, DO, DDS, PharmBS, RPh, NP, PA, RN, BSN, MSN, LPN, EMT, EMP-P, RMA, and CMA. For more information about who can be TST certified, please read our TST Candidate Guidelines.

Find a TST Workshop in your area. Please note that there are "Open" and "Private" workshops available.  Open Workshops are available for anyone; Private Workshops are by invitation only from the Instructor or Facility Representative.


Effective February 1, 2017:

All new TST instructors (those who take the TTT Workshop after 1/31/17) will need to complete the entire CDC Core Curriculum on Tuberculosis: What the Clinician Should Know, before they may begin teaching TST workshops. Please see “Instructor Updates" in the Instructor Portal for more information.



Effective Immediately:

Effective September 1, 2016:

  • MDHHS will no longer be granting “read-only” certification. Those currently certified as “read only” will remain certified until the certification expires (24 months-post certification date). Upon expiration the participant may recertify for full certification if they meet the qualifications for TST certification, listed above.

For MAs who are interested in getting their certification or registration from an accredited institution, more information can be found below. Due to the large number of organizations which offer CMA and RMA status, we have identified two reputable organizations that align with the standards we expect our TST participants to hold. CMA and RMA certificates from other organizations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.